6 Most Important Things To Consider While Planning A Beach Wedding

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1. Pay attention to the wedding time

Although no person can guarantee that it will be a good day, you can first study the weather changes in the four seasons of  beach and choose a sunny day to hold a beach wedding.

Learn more about the beach weather, find a most suitable month, the weather is mild every day, and then according to their own customs, choose a suitable day for marriage. According to the weather conditions of the day, plan the wedding and exchange vows when the wind is small. If the sea breeze is too strong, use a beautiful screen behind it as a barrier. Try to avoid the strong sunlight at noon and choose a softer sunset to hold the ceremony. Only in this way can we take good pictures of the sea view ceremony. Special attention should also be paid to the fluctuation law of the tide, so as to avoid the tide washing away the articles on the beach.

2. Pay attention to wedding dress

Guest dress: let the guests know that the wedding will be held on the beach so that they can dress properly. Therefore, it should be noted in the invitation, such as: "wedding by the sea" or "wedding on the beach"

Beach Wedding Dress: on the beach, with long tailed layers of wedding dresses, it looks too formal. It is recommended to wear a simple, lively and light dress. In order to avoid sweating, choose light, thin, breathable fabrics, such as: transparent yarn, chiffon, wrinkled silk and so on. Remember not to use silk because it is thicker and not suitable for hot outdoor beach weddings. Remind you not to wear tights.

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Shoes: high heels are not suitable for beach weddings. Walking barefoot on the beach or wearing a pair of flat bottomed fashionable sandals is the most appropriate dress up.

Headdress: it's windy on the beach, so it's not suitable to wear it. A small flower in your hair is a good choice. If you really want to wear a headdress, be sure to fix it so that it doesn't fall in the wind.

Bridegroom's dress: formal wedding should choose white evening dress, and if it is a formal wedding, you can wear white or colored linen clothes.

Finally, to avoid sunburn or sunburn, don't forget to apply some sunscreen before applying makeup.

3. Pay attention to laying passageways

If the wind is low on the beach, you can sprinkle some rose petals to pave the passage. If not, you can use conch shells or sticks tied with tulle bows to lay a beautiful path. In addition, ask a beach artist or passionate friend to create for you: create a row of small sand sculptures on both sides of the passage, or decorate it with sand cans with flower decorations on the top.

4. Food

At the beach wedding, whether you are dining in a terrace or a seaside restaurant, you'd better have some fresh and light food. Naturally, seafood is inevitable, such as: shrimp with lemon saberium, grilled fish with tomato sauce. In addition, choose some local specialties. In addition, sweets can choose tropical fruit or shell shaped chocolate.

5. Make guests comfortable

In summer, the beach is hot, so you should prepare a shelter from the sun and sea breeze, such as tents or beach umbrellas. Water supply or other non-alcoholic drinks should be provided for guests before the wedding, which can be put in containers filled with ice. Small fans, cheap sunglasses or sunscreen for travel suits are also considered.

6. Coping with rain

Before the wedding, make a good response to rain, to avoid sudden rain, so that you are caught off guard. The safest way is to book a ballroom at a seaside hotel or resort so you can move the wedding scene there at any time. If you have only a few guests, a beach pavilion or covered terrace is also a good choice. Of course, no matter where you choose, make sure you are familiar with the layout of the room, so that you don't get in a hurry when planning changes.

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